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Inside The New Economic Science Of Capitalism’s Slow-Burn Energy Collapse

By Dr. Nafeez Ahmed - Insurge Intelligence:  New scientific research is quietly rewriting the fundamentals of economics. The new economic...

23rd November 2017 / Global

Perpetual Prosperity And The ‘Strategy of Tension’

By Graham Vanbergen: Marco Rubio, the American politician, attorney and former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives once said;...

22nd November 2017 / Global

Britain Faces ‘TTIP On Steroids’ As US Trade Talks Begin, Campaigners Warn

Campaign group Global Justice Now has warned there are just months to stop ' TTIP on steroids’ as the latest...

22nd November 2017 / United Kingdom

REPORT: We Can No Longer Afford To Let The Lords Go Unreformed

By Electoral Reform Society: The evidence is stronger than ever. The House of Lords is a drain not only on...

22nd November 2017 / United Kingdom

US/UK Fracking – The Transatlantic Plastics Pipeline

America’s oil and gas rush is now coming to Europe, polluting both sides of the pond, contributing to climate change...

21st November 2017 / United Kingdom

What’s Driving The Decline Of The Centre Left

Is the centre-left in terminal decline? At present, the electoral fortunes of the main social democratic and labour parties are...

21st November 2017 / United Kingdom

Grenfell Tower “Independent” Task Force Produces Whitewash Report

By Steve James wsws.org: The Independent Grenfell Recovery Taskforce’s first report, nine weeks in the making, confirms that the taskforce is...

20th November 2017 / United Kingdom

STILL EXPOSED: The UK’s Financial System In The Era Of Brexit

By New Economics Foundation: It is now almost ten years since the onset of the global financial crisis, but its...

20th November 2017 / United Kingdom

It’s NOT The Economy Stupid

By Graham Vanbergen: Europe is slowly spinning out of control. The Centrifugal forces of failing economics and politics is causing...

18th November 2017 / United Kingdom

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